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Stealing a Moment...

I'll return it in a memory.

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User Number: 4015766
Date Created:2004-07-31
Number of Posts: 2

Kesenai_Kaitou is one mean mama-jama...just kidding. She eats, sleeps, net-surfs, and is an all-around regular anime/manga fanatic. She enjoys her pets, her family, and of course, her shopping (not really, it's her friends that she enjoys being around). She's a random cross-breed that has pulled many questions from the ethnicity bubble boxes on standardized tests. Though naturally cheerful, this particular breed of kaitou (of the BS variety) exhibits strange and often frightening reactions to sugar, caffeine, and various foodstuffs. Tolerance for hyperactivity, randomness, and happiness is a must for this breed.
Strengths: Friendly, will eat anything, happy-go-lucky, easily amused, outgoing, and often energetic.
Weaknesses: Always hungry, not very discriminating in whay she chooses to eat, becomes evil once a month...(I know that there's more here...somewhere)
Special Skills: A master of the go-et-mor-fuud fighting style and the ability to use inherent BS powers (what ever they may be)
Weapons: half-fro, steel stomach, sad-puppy face, and super smile.
Random Words: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance...baffle them with B.S." "It's only idealism if you can't make it happen" "I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck..."

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